The 4 best yoga-retreats


During the last few days I’ve been surfing around on the Internet looking at places to go in January on vacation. Preferably to a sunny place. “Hey Jet, it is supposed to be vacation!” shouted Liesbeth when she saw me looking at one after another yoga- and boxing retreat. I know, I know, but I am the happiest person on earth waking up at 6:30am for a little yoga on Koh Samui. Don’t worry though, one sip from the gin & tonic bucket and I’m the last person to leave the full moon party. Read more.


From builder’s overalls to dust mask to gala tuxedo, voilà, the life of Carolien Spoor. Read more.


– Eight Hour Cream –


Ask a beauty-editor what she always has in her bag, and nine times out of ten the answer will be the Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden. It has become a cult product, and won more than 20 international prizes to boot. How has it become such a classic and evolved into such an amazing product? I’m going to explain. Read more.



Today we’re introducing the hippest kids on Instagram. For example, the identical twins Michael en Daniel from London. The brothers are not yet three years old and have a cool 60.000 followers on Instagram, thanks to their cute outfits. Identical clothing, identical poses, cute faces, it’s becoming a world hit. Read more.

May-Britt's Paris Fashion Tour

It seems that driving yourself to Paris and ignoring the Thalys was incredibly ‘en vogue’ this year. So if you are lucky enough to be driving a Renault Twingo sponsored by Holland’s Next Top Model (thus fashion) that is tagged with the hashtag #EverywhereTwingo (thus usable for city trips), which is handy enough for transporting Billy-cupboards from Ikea (thus good for bringing souvenirs back), then a trip to Paris is surely on the cards. Read more.


And then these photos arrived in my mailbox, with accompanying text from one of our brand new correspondents, named Afke. Modelling as a Look of the Day – makes us so happy. Afke take it away: Read more.

All, all, all about Gisèle Bundchen and Michiel Huisman

I hardly slept last night, thanks to our dear Michiel. After the taster on Monday and the preview from yesterday, Chanel has served up the complete main course today, called #theonethatIwant.

I suggest staying in bed a while longer. Laptop on your lap, curtains closed. Start with the long video of 3’23” and then treat yourself to the rest. You’ll spend the rest of the day at the office listening to Fo Leng on Spotify, guaranteed.

No 5 and Michiel for president. Read more.

Kim before Kanye


Look, we’ve all made jokes about Kanye taking full control of Kim’s wardrobe, but the man has a point. She may now be the darling of the fashion world, and even her daughter has a stylist, plus she’s best friends with Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, but there was a time when Kim had absolutely no clue about clothes and accessories. That time is not as long ago as you might think and even though most of those photos are neatly archived, The Internet does not forget and everything shows up at some time or another. Read more.

-Shopping Tuesday-



Her sister Cara may be the queen of the catwalk, but Poppy means business on the street. As in, wow does she look good. It’s that British effortless cool, which is inimitable just like that thing the Parisians have. But if you don’t try, you’ll never stand a chance, so let’s give it a shot. Read more.

ACNE studios, what the…?!


There is a very fine line between fashion and lunacy, between beauty and art, between artistic and wearable. Fashion is art and clothes are not always fashion, not all clothing is beautiful and taste is a strange thing. So here we go. Last week while innocently and unsuspectingly scrolling through the webshop of Acne Studios, I came across a rather startling hat and pair of gloves. Read more.


This is Jasmijn, she’s going to intern with us next year, a while to go yet, but she popped in for a friendly visit. And, yes if you look really cool, I can’t help but pick up my camera to shoot a look of the day. Read more.

Wake up with Michiel Huisman


Imagine waking up as Michiel (now pronounced as ‘Miekiel’) Huisman and being asked to be in the new Chanel No5 campaign. One of your tasks? Kissing Gisèle. Check out the video below for the best ‘making of’ and stop at the kissing part (“loooove that kissing”, “looooove that kissing’, “put your arm down”. “stop that kissing” “STOP that kissing” from Baz Luhrman. Read more.

IMG_0477 daily-may-header-parfum

Daily May

Yay, it's autumn!

Fashion journalist Georgette Koning has a rule never to buy anything during a press trip. Totally understandable because with her career and travel agenda, these little trips could prove life threatening… Read more.

Why we should all meditate


No, don’t freak out. I’m not a meditation-Jehova. For happy and healthy please queue at Jet’s desk, for heels and wine, you’re welcome at mine. But I am also a workaholic that wants to conquer the world (big dreams are free) and anything that helps me get there in a more relaxed fashion is tried out. Read more.


I’ve lost count of how many times I had to squeeze myself into a sample size outfit in the Marie Claire fashion corner. Fashion editor Simone would hold the zipper together, intern Cher would pull the zip upwards and I would channel thoughts of being Incredibly Thin and then breathe out deeply. Read more.


Another elimination round this afternoon. The day begins with an evaluation of the girl’s shoot from the last few days. Anouk, Dirk and I look at the images separately so as not to influence each other. Executive Producer Riena is extremely strict about this. We walk back to our hotel’s inner courtyard one by one, where Riena is waiting for us, armed with a laptop, telephone and a cigarette. Read more.