How to make the French like us

7 steps


Once in a while, a piece of research drops into my mailbox that is not terribly useful or world changing, but extremely funny to read nonetheless. asked their Parisian HQ what they thought of Dutch people. Turns out they think we’re very friendly. Probably right because we find most French people incredibly unfriendly. Especially those living in Paris. It’s tricky to get a smile from anyone there. Another thing they think about us is that we have no culinary traditions. Bread-boxes, mugs of buttermilk, things that the French totally do not understand. Actually neither do I. Read more.

Creative sex positions


We’ve talked about strange positions before in the Sexy Friday column, and showed videos to go with them, and today I have yet another one to add to the fun. As you probably already know, the Kama Sutra has some rather idiotic names for various positions, and without pictures to visualise them, the normal person would have absolutely no idea what is expected of them. And that is how this video came about, where 5 couples have positions explained to them and asked “how do you think you should do this?” It’s hilarious. Read more.

The best food-instagrammers


I look at Instagram at least a few times an hour (I’m not going to say exactly how often, okay.) I usually see posts from fitgirl pass by on my feed with delicious food-photos. I often take a screenshot to remind myself to try making it. Especially handy when there’s a recipe underneath or a link to a recipe. Instagram is one huge cookery book to me. I’m about to share a few of my favourite food-instagrammers with you. Read more.


Everyone that believes that sunglasses should only be worn in summer should stop reading now, the rest can continue. Come on, the sun (sometimes) shines in winter too and they are called SUNglasses not SUMMERglasses. And we want one like in the photo, just a little different to the rest. Thank you kindly. Read more.

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Celebrities hairstyles


I also love summaries, lists and everything that goes with them, just like May and Lies. I mean, it’s so much fun to write everything from the last year down in points. I have the honour of presenting the beauty part. And because celebs never have problems taking a scissor to their hair, while we spend weeks thinking about it (thank God for hair extensions), I’m kicking it off with celebs who deserve the Look of 2014 award. Read more.


This is Charlotte, and when you read this she’ll most probably be drinking a Bellini somewhere on Ibiza. She’s celebrating Christmas with her bare feet in the sand, with friends and families. She’s often on the island, so as of today will be our Ibiza-correspondent. Where to dance, eat, drink, swim and shop on the island will all be written about by her. Read more.

Reasons why you should NEVER wear a beanie again


I really cannot stand the beanie. It’s been a topic of conversation before but I’ve seen it worn pretty much everywhere recently on the streets and I don’t like it. So because of that I have written down five reasons why everyone with a beanie should throw it in the bin NOW, and anyone thinking about wearing a beanie should understand  WHY it’s such a terrible, terrible idea. Read more.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…That’s what they say, but it’s red lipstick that is actually the best friend a woman can have. A simple outfit or a bare naked face, you can do it all with this wonder cure. Burgundy red, bright red, raspberry red or orange red, it’s a fashion statement. These celebs show you how. Read more.

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You’d think that Olcay already has everything that her heart could desire, and she does, but there is no woman without a little wish list right? She’d love to spend more time with family and friends (Santa sadly cannot help with this) but there is also a pair of Aquazurra’s on the list. Read more.

How to survive work Christmas parties


It’s almost Christmas and those Christmas parties are stacking up. Drinks with people that you usually have meetings with and other kinds of work things can be lots of fun, but can also go very wrong. Follow these do’s and don’ts and all will be fine, and Christmas will be over without any pain. Read more.

Thursday shopping



Lara’s androgynous look makes heads turn. Her long blonde mane, bleached eyebrows and that split between her teeth, are a perfect match. But let’s not forget her style. Off duty models know how to dress and today we’re taking a closer look at the style of Lara Stone. Read more.

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The 5 most asked fashion questions on Google

Amayzine gives all the answers


December is the month of lists. The best baby names of the year, the most spectacular divorces of 2014, you name it. I love lists. Google presented a summary of the most often asked questions on Google. And to divert, can you imagine that there was ever a BG-era? Before Google? Can’t be. I even worked in the time where idea boards were faxed (faxed! FAXED!), that was considered research. No Google. How did we survive? Read more.

Becoming a party queen


Gigi Bowmer is Global Make-up Artist of Estée Lauder Benelux. Because next week is the week we all put our best outfits on and want the coolest looks, she is giving us a few tips on how to achieve the best party look. Or if you’re working, to get through the day looking glamorous. I say: read and learn. Read more.

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Daily May

Daily May

I spent a few days playing Sticky Bud to Maartje Verhoef at the last New York Fashion Week. I followed her absurd schedule and saw what a top sport the life of a top model is. Half way through day 1, Maartje… Read more.


Today I’d like to present Ingèr. She will be representing Den Bosch and you can count on some great shopping. You’ll soon be reading all about her favourite shops. Read more.


Getting older does have it’s good points (right?), but less exciting is the obvious drooping and wrinkles starting to appear. Botox is still a-far-from-yes thing in my life, so I’m trying out other products to combat the signs of ageing. Read more.