Carolien drops by the office every now and then. Every time she does means we get to shoot Look of the Day. I have never caught her in a tracksuit pants, simple t-shirt and sneakers. Nothing wrong with that, but she is always totally styled. But that’s what you get with a closet like hers. Read more.

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Daily May


I just got back from a few days in Barcelona, where the sun was high in the sky, unlike here. And since autumn has already decided to start here, I spent almost every minute… Read more.


Never a dull moment in the Spoor residence. We have the proof. Read more.

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6 restaurants in Amsterdam that are always good


I run into the nicest restaurant and bars during my cycles through Amsterdam. “Yes, I have to eat there soon.” Then the moment arrives for dining out and I can’t remember a single nice place to go. So off to one of my old trusty favourites. Recognisable? I’m giving you a list of 6 restaurants hotspots that are always good to go to. Not too pricey, great crowd, super service and good food. Read more.

Oh stylist where art thou?


The Emmy’s took place two days ago in America. If you’re somebody in TV-land, you would have sent your stylist out to organise a Dress. Not a dress, no, a Dress. Perhaps even a DRESS. Read more.


I stayed away from the whole smartphone shebang for ages. Seriously, I walked around with a totally broken Samsung D500 (with one of those slide covers) for far longer than I should have, but since a year or two ago and because of the internet on your telephone miracle, I’m a changed person. I’m never without my smartphone. Read more.


Long nails are hot news again, these celebs show it with off with their nailfies! Read more.

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While I had my head down in the boot, swapping my comfy-shoes for something a little more elegant, Naoual, who I did not know until that moment, walked by. She looked so cute that I, with one heel on and one bare foot, asked if I could photograph her. Read more.

The Harper's Bazaar Launch Party


We’ve been walking around with a mixed feeling of excitement and light panic for weeks because the Harper’s Bazaar launch party was staring at us from the agenda, wonderful yes, BUT what to wear?! ‘Save the Date’ was soon followed by the paper invitation through the letterbox, which was the start signal for the official phase of total outfit crisis. We’re talking Bazaar here. Read more.


It’s quite difficult taking a good selfie in the mirror. These lovely ladies show you how. Read more.

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Now that autumn has arrived, skin irritations are peeping around the corner. The result is dry, dull skin, a tired look or a greyish complexion. We don’t want that. Fortunately for us, YSL has three CC-creams to combat them all. Thank you. Read more.


Linda and Melanie (Lin and Mel to loved ones) look totally relaxed together on this photo. They had everything under control for the Harper’s Bazaar launch party, where they took care of the PR. Professional to the bone they are. And stylish. Read more.

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Daily May

Blush Baby

If it wasn’t such a perfect powder, it would be almost too pretty to use. Use the pink as a highlighter on your jaw line and the brown for an all over glow and you’ll see, no matter how hard the wind blows, you’ll have a bit of summer on your face. Read more.

Lessons from Harper's Bazaar


The champagne will be uncorked in around two hours, and the cover of the first Dutch Harper’s Bazaar (well no, actually there was a previous attempt to launch it in the ’90s, but let’s forget that for now) will be unveiled. Read more.


Look they’re only photos, so we can’t be certain that they actually ate any of the food. But at least they’ve had it under their noses. Read more.

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