It’s starting to become a little tedious but yes I’m still on holiday. Still, we haven’t had a single dull moment. After a quick trip to the most beautiful masseria ever seen, we headed south. To Sofia Coppola to be precise. Read more.


This is Tamar, she’s already been on Look of the Day, but in a winter outfit. Since recently she’s been working for the clothing brand Ibana, has been visiting festivals aplenty and is enjoying a holiday in Panormon as we speak. Read more.

Dior-Nagellak daily-may-header-nagellak

Daily May

Black might not be the most summery colour for your nails, but I love this colour on my toenails. I paint a new layer on daily… Read more.

Nicky Hilton as style guru?


Right. Nicky Hilton has written a book. About fashion. And style. Because, apparently Nicky has become a fashion expert. I missed the actual moment of becoming, but it must be my own fault. Read more.

One word. Máxima


I have seen the video ‘De Traan van Maxima’, loosely translated as ‘Maxima’s Tear’ at least 437 times. And I cried all 437 times. Really. If I was an actress and the scene called for crying, I ‘d ask my director to show me this Youtube video of our Queen when she was still Princess, instead of giving me two pieces of raw onion. Read more.

Sneak (sexy) Peek at Fifty Shades of Grey

I’m went on holiday with six girlfriends. The book Fifty Shades of Grey was just out in the shops. I bought a copy for everyone at Schiphol. I know, not exactly a literary highlight, but we all finished reading it in one go. And yesss it was a turn on and yesss we all fantasised about Christian Grey. Read more.

Sweet Summer Dreams


A cute nightie or short pj’s are essential for a warm summer night. So hereby a list of lovely summer nightwear! Read more.

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The Pirelli Calendar is coming!


I’m eating a ‘kletskop’ biscuit as I’m writing this. You know, one of those delicious wafer thin, crispy biscuits. I’ve convinced myself that they cannot possibly have so many calories and stuff, because they’re so thin, but don’t worry, I know the real truth. Oh well, the reason I started about them was because this Sexy Friday is all about the Pirelli-calendar. Read more.

Do the brow in 5 steps


The eyebrow is on, you knew that. Thanks to Cara, yes. A good brow gets you through the summer months. Really. A touch of mascara, dusting of powder and hey presto. You’re the beauty of the beach. Read more.


Melvin has graduated from the UvA with a masters in Corporate Communications, but he calls himself a beauty specialist. He drops by the office sometimes. Never empty handed of course, Read more.


I know Renée as VJ at TMF (I always watch TMF), then she presented for SBS6 and wrote a book called ‘Love Lesson’, about her marriage to a conman. Since then she has a wonderful new relationship with Guy, whom she married last month. She shares her favourite addresses with us, from Ibiza, where they are currently holidaying with the family. Read more.

5 reasons why it is a good idea to buy a designer bag


Several Huge Happenings took place at our office during the last few weeks. A long wait and a lot of dreaming finally resulted in me getting a PS11 from Proenza Schouler and Josselin a Trio Bag from Céline. Josselin had not prepared her girlfriends for the big buy (“they won’t be that interested’) and when the sale was a fact and it appeared on Amayzine, they indeed questioned Joss “why is this bag actually worth so much money?” Joss said something about “it’s an investment!” and she got the reply: “an investment in what actually?” Read more.

Spray Away


It is unbearably hot today. We have an airco unit here at Amayzine HQ, but I have the feeling that hot is air is blowing out of it instead of cold. Unbearable. We keep popping outside every now and then to literally grab a breath of fresh air. Read more.

Loving Leco


As you probably already know, I’m in Italy. With my entire clan, and since I seem to have produced blonde little ladies, we are greeted at every establishment with: “Che meraviglia, sono me-ra-vi-glio-se”, “Che belle bionde bimbe” “complimenti” and other flattering things. Wait till they break the place down, because although they may look like little princesses, their behaviour is not always fitting. Read more.

Soft Summer


What to wear on a sunny summer’s day? Today we had a taste for pastel. Pink. A little sweet but mostly lovely, soft and the ultimate in summery. You probably won’t be needing the jacket, but it’s great as an evening accessory, for long evenings on the terrace, draped nonchalantly over the shoulders so that the heat lamps are not needed. Read more.

This is how models do it

  • In-shape-als-de-modellen-2
  • In-shape-als-de-modellen-1

We constantly have new super foods, diet trends and sport techniques thrown at us. It’s enough to drive me crazy sometimes. This time it’s porridge out and a whole wheat sandwich in and coconut oil is the worst possible oil for you. Read more.


It’s thirty degrees, we’re having the best summer in years. For however long it lasts, my cynical inner self is saying, but hey, let’s enjoy while the sun shines. The sea is warm enough to take a bath in and your body is sun kissed… Read more.


Today live from Tokyo – Beertje van Beers. I asked her, not knowing where she was, but got an answer straight away. “Of course! I’m in my hotel room and these tropical eighties curtains are begging for an outfit.” Read more.