I have a long bucket list. Most of the items are about dining in a certain restaurant and then I’m not talking about Izakaya (wonderful place), which is around the corner from me, but preferably somewhere further away with at least one Michelin star. These restaurants are so expensive, never mind that you usually can’t even get a reservation. La Chevre d’Or in Eze on the Côte d’Azur, eating at Anne-Sophie Pic or Noma in Copenhagen, yep, they’re all on my list. Read more.

Tips for a heavenly wardrobe


Luxury is not always about a shiny, rose gold Rolex. Luxury can be cheap too. Step 1 in having luxury at home is a clean house. And if you’re aiming for a million dollar wardrobe, this will help you to achieve your goal. Even if it’s not full of clothes from The Row and Proenza Schouler. Read more.


I would like to introduce you to Roxan Luinge. This lovely blonde lady stood out from the crowd in the Nine Streets shopping area. She works at SuperTrash and is studying Account Management alongside her job. All good and well we thought, but you’re our Look of the Day and we want to know exactly where your outfit is from. She answered: “All SuperTrash obviously!” Read more.

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Daily May

Moment of light

I find the fact that it’s getting dark so early these days a real problem. Every day again. To avoid wanting to climb into bed at 8pm, I’m constantly busy with lighting. I’ve got… Read more.


It was an out-of-house week. Jet and Liesbeth were invited to Antwerp by Friends of the Brand. The train was their travelling office (Jet started doing interviews on the balcony) and I flew to Turin. Without my usual company and instead between men. Real men. Luckily they too showed appreciation for fashion because my new Fendi pumps (ordered at and picked up for me by our intern Felice in their Cornelis Schuyt store) went with me and received praises, tributes and compliments. Read more.


Nicky Opheij is the winner of Holland’s Next Top Model. Winning was the end of the show but the start of a new life. Nicky will be taking you through her life every Saturday. Read more.

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Everyone in tracksuits


I pulled a tracksuit on last week, the first one in many years. Well not so much a tracksuit as a comfortable casual outfit that you can still be happy being seen in outside. Turns out I’m in good company, because Alternative Apparel, that’s the luxury brand, is worn by some fabulous people. Our good friends Kim and Kanye, Sandra Bullock and even Sarah Jessica Parker are walking around in them. Read more.

The answer to all your lingerie traumas


Did you know that 70% of women wear the incorrect bra size? And that 130% of women are made unhappy by trying on lingerie? Good, I made that last number up but the fact is no-one I know says “ha, let’s have a day trying on bras, can’t wait.” Trying on underwear is confronting business and almost nobody likes being stuck in an over lit, undersized change room, squashing their naked body into ill-fitting sets of underwear. Lingerie chain Lincherie believed it could be improved and invited Josselin and me over to find out the naked truth. Read more.


Interns Felice and Yvette went out looking for inspiring outfits for Look of the Day. They walked along the Cornelis Schuytstraat in Amsterdam past VLVT and bumped into Fay Tahiri. Or correction; they bumped into their dream jacket. Read more.

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Daily May

Cold huh? No complaining though okay. I think it’s the best weather in the world. Wonderful, fresh winter-sport weather. But you have to dress for it. Like in cashmere wool from Repeat for instance. Through your fashion budget already you say? Read more.


Sandrine is our woman in New York. She has Dutch roots but has lived in the most vibrant city in the world for more than twenty years. Doing what?

Being one of the top make-up artists. Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, name someone and her brush has touched them. When I read that she had ‘done’ Leo di Caprio, I wanted to know absolutely everything, EVERYTHING. And when I get it, you get it. Read more.

-Friday Shopping-



Eva Chen is CEO of the company Trend Micro. With a job like this, you have to have to some cool taste. Google Eva Chen and you’ll see only skirts and dresses. We’ve put together this fun shopping list for you today. Read more.

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The 6 best all-inclusives in the world


On holiday to an all-inclusive resort. Something that you don’t really like admitting to in company. It sounds like my beautician who always used to go on vacation with a band around her arm. It made no difference if she went to Isla Marguerite or somewhere in Turkey, once she got there she ‘wanted out’. There was sun, a pool and different restaurants but they all tasted exactly the same, she thought. Read more.

Ryan Gosling and his eg0


Every year People Magazine hands out the prestigious prize for the Sexiest Man Alive to, indeed, a damn sexy man. This year the big (and hot) winner was Chris Hemsworth and Chris is not the type that you say no to, yet he (and no-on else on earth) is hotter than Ryan Gosling. And it has been going on like this for years, Ryan never wins. Read more.

How to be prepared for everything


You’re standing in a bar or at a disco on a hot date with a hot guy. The evening ends up with you going home with him but once you’re on your bike you suddenly realise that you’ve got NOTHING with you for the next morning, and that you’re not that prepared for such night time escapades. You decide to abort mission and head home and so miss out on a night of pleasure, and that’s no fun for anyone. I’ve said it before, the idea that you shouldn’t have sex with someone after the first day is hopelessly old fashioned ladies. Put these things in your bag and nothing will stop you again. Read more.


Let’s bring some colour into our lives with this trend. Everyone tends to go for darker colours in winter and many don’t dare to wear bright colours. Especially when it’s twice the same colour, called ‘ton sur ton’. But look at these cool pics. They’re a great example. Us editors are convinced. Read more.

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Oh poor Liesbeth, she’s spent the last three weeks doubting whether she should buy the DE Givenchy boots or not. I think she’s been to the Bijenkorf like six times to try them on. Finally…she decided not to buy them. She chose a vacation in Rio de Janeiro instead. But I think she’s going to jump a hole in the ceiling today, because I’ve got a surprise for her. They are not Givenchy’s, but instead Chanta Chè’s. You know what? I like them even more. Read more.