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Daily May

Swedish girls

Send the average tourist to Malmö, a picturesque town in the south of Sweden, and they’ll wonder what all the lovely ‘gay men’ are doing hanging out with all the children. It’s true. Read more.

Models and their snack attacks

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Our poor Jet is stuck at home in bed with trembling knees and body so I’m taking this post over from her. She was going to write something about models and their favourite snacks. Something about healthy living but HA-HA poor Jet, I’m taking over the reigns on this one and it’s going in a different direction. Read more.

9 Fascinating Fashion Facts


When people ask me if and what the deeper layers of my fascination with fashion are, I tell them that I love helping people discover how beauty and fashion can help them move forward in their lives. If done correctly of course. Because making the wrong move in fashion is easily done. Read more.

harrods' shoe heaven


We’ve been making enough noise about our team going to New York Fashion Week. But not so much about the fact that Jet and I are hopping on a plane to London afterwards. That is good news all on it’s own but even better now that Harrods has opened a spanking new shoe department that will make all other shoe departments pale in comparison. Read more.

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Daily May

Life experience

SISLEY brings out a beautiful limited edition perfume annually, it’s called Eau du Soir. The same perfume every year but in a different jacket. This one arrived yesterday. A gem. Isabelle d’Ornano was inspired by the African savannah. Read more.


How to work a Burgundy lip

The burgundy lip has been spotted at a few shows for a few seasons now. Darker, more exciting and very sexy. It’s back again to stay for this autumn, which seems to have already started. Read more.


Bianca works at PR bureau Fuse-communication. She has a giant sized bag collection, so it was very difficult to choose a favourite. In the end she chose the Cettu. Let’s have a rummage and see what she keeps in there. Read more.

The September issues

Vogue vs ELLE, the battle


Out in stores tomorrow, the most important edition of the fashion year. You should always buy them of course, for the sake of fashion that is, but if your budget only allows one issue this is it. Liesbeth and I did some upfront research. Well you can’t really call it research. It turned into a full on battle. Read more.


Part 2 of the ABC – the B cause that’s how it works. In just 24 letters you’ll get your fashion diploma. Are you taking notes? Read more.


Stephanie Litjens and her sister Esther Meijer are the founders of  SOAP Treatment Store. The salon where you can have your nails done, visit the brow-bar or since recently book a consult with the DOCTORS AT SOAP. It is a very popular place, that’s for sure and you’ll be lucky to get an appointment. Stephanie shares some of her beauty tips and tricks with us. Read more.

10 times better sleep


I am of no use to anyone the next day if I only have four hours of sleep, but equally useless after twelve hours of snoring (as a manner of speaking that is, cause I don’t snore). How much do you actually need to sleep to function perfectly the next day? Is a midday snooze really beneficial. And how long should a power nap last. I did some investigation. Read more.