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It’s Halloween! Now I’m not sure if you’ve got a cool party planned, but I do know that Halloween may be a little too crazy for us Dutch. Nevertheless, there are people that grab dress-up parties with both hands and create bloody faces and bizarre wigs, but there are those people that prefer to keep it within limits. That’s why I’ve taken a look at the catwalks for haute make-up inspiration that is totally appropriate for this party of all parties. A tad dramatic, but still responsibly autumn. Read more.


The party was yesterday. And today we’re honouring the hangover. Getting through it stylishly just like these lovely people. Read more.


Here it is then. One more time. Last year I wore Gucci at the launch of, and it seemed like a great full circle moment to wear something from Frida Gianini. An email to my friend Alberto Zacchini (Albi to those close to him) and two days later a box so big I could live in it got delivered. Read more.

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Daily May

Happy Birthday May

On Wednesday we worked from home. Our office was being transformed into a gigantic disco. I obviously spent most of the day clicking away at my kitchen table, but in the afternoon I popped out to the P.C. Hoofstraat to visit the CHANEL boutique. Read more.

May-Britt reflects

What an amayzine year

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This evening we’re celebrating the first birthday of Exactly one year ago, I sliced a magnum bottle of champagne open with Jort Kelder, to officially declare the site open. Was it exciting to be starting up for myself and leaving the heavy Ministry of Magazine-making? I was asked this question at least once per day. Of course it was. No more big fat editor-in-chief salary at the end of the month. No more bonus. And no… Read more.

Slim in 9 sentences (especially for busy women)


Jet should actually be writing this article, because she’s the Happy & Healthy department, but then again I am the hard working woman that needs to fit in a runway-Gucci-dress.

Dieting is for dummies. That’s the truth. Everyone that spends their days eating shakes and powders and 8 eggs will lose weight, but it’ll come back on. Being thin is a way of life and this will help you achieve it. Yes even if you’re busy. Read more.


I wore a pair of DNA leather pants to the Amayzine launch party exactly one year ago. Super pricey, but oh I’ve had such joy from them. They’re a little looser than last year. Never washed then, ran a lot and also did a fair few squats this last year. “How do you wash them actually?” one of our dressers Els Haaker asked me. “Oh, you hang them inside out in the mist.” Okay, ha ha. In the mist then. Read more.


It’s getting chilly and we’re all reaching for our thick, warm jumpers to hide in. Check out the sweater selection from these Insta celebs! Read more.

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You thought Carolien was chilling out? Nothing is further from the truth. She takes you through her week. Read more.


I lent this bag from Danielle our sales director during New York Fashion Week. Small, but you can fit a lot inside and I like carrying it across the body. More than time for a new one she feels, but before she starts combing net-a-porter, I wanted to know what exactly was inside. Read more.

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- Parisienne by YSL -


A few weeks ago I decided to clean out my beauty cabinet at home. It’s not that big size wise. Huge as far as contents go. Don’t ask me how, but there always seems to magically be something new in it. Even though I can never remember putting it in there. Every now and then I stumble across a real gem. Like this, empty, perfume bottle by YSL. Read more.


Whenever I see Jetteke, I spend the first five minutes checking out (and admiring) her outfit. We always have a good laugh at the the commentary given by our kids. Her son thought her ripped jeans looked very ‘farmer’ and my daughter let me know in no uncertain terms that my oversized Acne sweater was not on her wish list for later. Read more.

Confession: I don't drink coffee


Jup, that’s right, can’t stand the stuff. Most people find it unbelievable and I’m thinking about starting a coffee-bingo game up, because people always ask the same questions with panic in their eyes… Read more.


Darling Nicky


As I write this, I’m fantasising about a creamy croque madam, a foamy latte (I could make one but whenever I stand my world moves), a steak or a croissant with Nutella. The fault of a long, large and thrilling evening, the finale of Holland’s Next Top Model 2014, which started at 4pm in Studio 21 at the Media park in Hilversum. Read more.