viktor & rolf

Viktor&Rolf are all about ‘the uniform’ this spring. But done like only they can do. Viktor&Rolf of course manage to transform the uniform into something sexy and elegant. The buttons aren’t centred, but are closed sideways of the body which frees up an enormously glamorous shoulder. Read more.

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He’s one of the greatest and most loved presenters of our country, and also the father of five daughters, husband to Roos, and grandfather of two grandchildren. About his ‘double life’ (at home I don’t get to say anything, I’m only tolerated) he writes in columns that have now been collected and lie in stores now.  Read more.



Yes dear people, it’s almost easter and so I thought it was time for two fun easter cocktails. One of the two contains a dash of egg nog. You know, that drink that’s drunk profusely at elderly homes. Read more.



We of course want to dress in our finest dresses for easter breakfast. Or easter dinner. Actually, we’d like to look our best the entire summer long. So we’ve made a selection of great dresses, skirts, and other beautiful things. Enjoy. Your dinner too, by the way. Read more.

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up, up, and away


So it’s easter this weekend and you know what to say at the table, but I found something else to increase the fun this week. Though mind, this is only appropriate when having dinner with your luv because, trust me, you don’t want your father-in-law anywhere near this. Read more.

Bikini time! Yeah!


We holiday has been booked. Better even, I’m leaving in a week and a half. The pleasure already commences when I’m trying on bikinis beforehand. I don’t do such things online. I’d be mad. Why would I take away a fitting room visit? Duh. That lovely, unforgiving light that accentuates all my bodily curves. Just lovely. Read more.


Even though it was Maundy Thursday yesterday (does anyone know what that actually means?), this outfit is just simply perfect to start our weekends with. Sophie van der Stap sent it from Beijing where her sister currently lives who just gave birth to her third child. Read more.

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Daily May

Mystery cap

I first thought it was a suction cup-like thing. Our intern suggested putting in some cottons and attaching the suction thingy to a mirror. But no, our intern unraveled the mystery. Read more.


Mellow yellow are the words these days. Which is why we scoured New York, Milan, Paris, and Milan for the best looks with a touch of yellow. Read more.


Simone ROCHA

Rochas has chosen for pastel this spring. The soft tints make you crawl from your winter dip straight into summer. Flowery prints and glittery dresses are a must in your closet. With the funny mop shoes at Rochas’s runway, it’s easy to clean your house efficiently whilst looking very trendy. Must-have. Read more.



It’s spring and those with an Instagram account will surely have noticed. I only follow 156 people and I think about 80% of those people have posted a photo of a clear blue sky with pink blossoms. I also saw Coachella’s ferris wheel about 83 times last weekend, and every weekend there’s a picture of a bouquet of flowers, a selfie at the gym, and the number of ‘from where I stand’ is hard to keep track of. Read more.


Every time I speak to Hans van der Veen (agent of Daphne Deckers, Daphne Bunskoek, Quinty Trustfull, Anouk Smulders, Sergio Herman, and other great people), the sun comes up. Hans has been enjoying life to the fullest for quite some time now and has quite an extraordinarily good taste. A small sizzle went through our headquarters when his black book with favourite addresses rolled in. Read more.

instagram daily


We took some great pics from Instagram for you. Enjoy this look inside a couple of celebs’ lives. Read more.

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PRE Easter fun


Of course you’d like to look your best this weekend. All these great accessories will top off any outfit. Some great inspiration to make sure every look looks easter proof. Read more.

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Imagine you’re Kim Kardashian. In six weeks, you’re going to experience the most prestigious wedding of the decade for which you’d like to look your best. But your husband, Kanye, doesn’t want you to undergo any cosmetic surgery. No, really. Kanye’s against. His mother died as a result of a cosmetic operation gone bad, so Kim needs to find other ways to fit into a size 0… Read more.




It’s Thursday and that means Throw Back Thursday. We’re walking to the attic and collected some photos from our dusty archive boxes. One photo cuter than the next. Take a look with us… Read more.

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Wink of gold

Spotted at Dries van Noten’s show, a bit of gold leaf on the eyelashes. And Blumarine had some intense metallics on the eyes. Gold is what’s happening. Intense, but with a well-bronzed skin easy to balance out. Read more.


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Think Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, and a bit of Emma Peel. Short A-line dresses, high boots, belts around your waist, and statement sunglasses. Your hair wavy, a good eyeliner, and you’re ready to go. Read more.


And there I strolled at the Cornelis Schuyt looking for a great look. And yes, I just so happened to bump into Monique. Ever cheerful, ever kind, and incredibly stylish. She was out and about with a friend on an inspiration trip for decorating a home. I think that sounds simply marvellous. Read more.