In love in 36 questions


About 20 years ago, a scientist by the name of Arthur Aron performed an experiment to prove that two random strangers could fall in love by answering 36 questions. The experiment took place in a lab. A heterosexual man and woman entered through different doors, took their places opposite each other, answered 36 questions and then stared in each others eyes deeply for four minutes. The trial persons ended up married two and a half years later. So 36 questions and bam you’re in love, can it be? Read more.


keeps the doctor away


We all know that water is good for us, but did you know that if you drink three litres of water per day for a year, you’ll see a genuine difference? And that means putting all other liquids aside. No coffee, tea, milk, juice or alcohol. Sarah Smith took on the challenge for the British Daily Mail and holy moly what a difference. See the before and after pictures. And after Sarah, it became a mega hype. Read more.


You shouldn't miss out on


This fabulous book from M.A.C Cosmetics landed on my desk a while back. I find M.A.C collections very cool, think Brooke Shields or their collaboration with Proenza Schouler, but they are also the masters of backstage. Many make-up artists, like Lucia Pieroni, Charlotte Tilbury and Path McGrath work with M.A.C and create the most beautiful looks with it, which always become trends. So what is happening this spring? I’ll tell you. Read more.


The plaid is hotter than hot this winter, hipper than hip. You’ll see it swinging by this summer too. How? We’ve gathered a few pics together for you to bring a little inspiration to the table about how to wear a plaid blouse or trouser. Read more.

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Sylvie Meis found a moment to talk with Amayzine during all the craziness of Berlin Fashion Week, about the most important things in life: fashion, beauty and the front row (wink wink). We’ll talk about all of that later, but let’s first share her fashion week look. Sylvie was a special star guest at MarcCainRead more.

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Look, you can obviously spend your first date drinking a beer or scrutinising each other through three courses of dinner in a fancy restaurant, or you could do something a little more original. This way you’ll be sure of a fun evening even if the date is a little less interesting. So is your first date looming? How about one of these suggestions. Read more.


IN 24 hours


This last week we flew to Berlin for 24 hours to soak up Berlin Fashion Week. Our first stop was the MarcCain show, where the presence of Katie Holmes and Liz Hurley caused hysteria as they arrived. Once inside – as usual for a fashion week – the champagne flowed freely, and the curry sausages were everywhere. Still Germany. Read more.

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This weather makes me want to live in jumpers. And then preferably this one that I bought in Antwerp. I got in with my mother in mind but I’m wearing it. The skirt with high slit is from Maje and is the perfect match because otherwise everything would look so bulky and square. Read more.

A tidy home,

equals a tidy mind.


Last week an ex-colleague of mine, Carolien Griep popped by for a visit. Carolien (Griep to those close to her) was the editor-in-chief for various newspapers and magazines, but found her calling in tidiness. Sorting out other peoples clutter. Her site is the hope for many in scary times, the light at the end of the tunnel, the good looking anaesthetist before the operation and the Brazilian sun during a dark European winter. Read more.


Do you remember that amazing sausage T-shirt at the HEMA? You can thank Martijn Daniel Nekoui for it, because he created it. This charming young man has been running his own fashion company (MOAM) for the last two years, has worked with Doutzen Kroes, managed to get Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for a campaign and opens his own exhibition this evening. Indeed, boring is a word that Martijn has no understanding of. Read more.

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– Dior Sunglasses –


As you know, I spend hours looking at Pinterest. You see the loveliest things, but it also awakens the buying monster within. All those lovely people who I follow, post must-haves for the season and I have recently been seeing the ‘So Real’ sunglasses from DIOR a lot. Read more.

People, ThERe are Facebook rules.


After three weeks of hardly touching Facebook (Rio was a little more exciting than the average update), I am now totally back and back in business. Which has directly lead to a whole lot of irritation. I constantly move between intense hate and a little love for Facebook, am jealous of those who are brave enough to quit but know that I could never live without it, even if only because I wouldn’t be able to spy on people anymore. Considering the fact that more people are suffering this frustration, I went around the office asking people what their pet Facebook hates were. Now I’m going to share them with you, in the hopes that Facebook becomes likeable once more. Here we go. Read more.


Today we’re introducing you to our Jessica van Houten. As account manager for Iconic Studios, she had to have a great sense of style. Jessica regularly blinded us with her intensely immense Boy-bag by  Chanel. Read more.

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