White Blazer

The height of summer equals maxi dresses or bare legs and short skirts. Only, business meetings demand a more appropriate and covered look. The solution, a white blazer. Looks summery and decent at the same time. Nonchalantly draped over the shoulder or with a pair of boyfriend-jeans with a few tears. Both really nice. Read more.


I can literally spend hours looking at online recipes. I print them out, pop them in a book and then test them out in my kitchen. I have quite a few waiting to try, because I am being flooded with great (healthy) food-blogs. For example: Sarah Britton from My New Roots taught me how to make my own nut-milk. Saves a ton of money, because it’s super expensive in the shops and you can only keep it for a few days. Read more.

Summer Chic


Yay! It’s summer. Now we know that you probably leave wearing your summer dresses till the evening or weekend, and go to work chic without showing too much skin. That’s why this look is chic and summery. Oh and madly impressive of course. If only because of the CHANEL. Read more.

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Sneakers vs Heels


Guys, something strange is going on. I used to be a die hard Jehovah-witness evangelist that preached about wearing heels, now I’m finding myself more and more often with flats on my feet. It all began last winter while I was in Vietnam. Read more.



Black make-up has always been hip-per-de-pip. For example, the winged eyeliner trending look that I wrote about last week. But let’s mix it up a little. White make-up is also quite popular. Sounds a little spooky, but like Casper, it’s quite friendly. Read more.


A trip through the PC Hoofstraat in Amsterdam never hurts. I don’t even need to buy, I’m content with a bit of window shopping. This time I took my camera with me in case I stumbled across a Look of the Day. And then there she was. Read more.


Fashion Week, filming, launches and a new home. This all in a chock-a-block week with Carolien. She never sits still. Come along and see. Read more.

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What’s the buzz about?

A new bee in town


It happened again. I was in NoHo, New York for a few days when it happened for the first time, then later on Park Avenue and again in Tribecca. Me on my bike, she walking behind a Bugaboo Bee. I felt pride for my Dutch roots, much more than when Afrojack, our tolerant drug laws or Van Persie’s goal are mentioned. Read more.

Summer time


We at Amayzine HQ can no longer make head or tail of the weather. Arrive on Monday with an umbrella, the sun shines. Yesterday we wore sandals and summer dresses, it was freezing in the office. And outside not exactly the sun we were hoping for either. Finally, today, the sun broke through and apparently it will reach 30 degrees this weekend. Read more.

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Glamour wedding on Capri

Where was I?

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For a wifi-needy person like me, a holiday in Italy is not as relaxing as it should be. Yes, yes, yes, the food is better than anywhere, the coffee as it should be and the charm is ‘dappertutto’, but it is also a country where fax machines still lurk on desks. The country where I need to wait for fifteen minutes to pay for my magazines because the lady with three stamps, two girls making seven copies and the person scanning their drivers license all need to be helped first, oh and not forgetting the boy paying for ten balloons. Clear. That country. We are renting a substantial house with a matching price, but Internet? Oh no, it’s not part of the Italian daily essentials. Read more.

5 healthy/fitness apps for on holiday


We train ourselves into the ground when summer comes around (well, I’m in the gym pretty regularly) and then celebrate our strict regime on holiday. And so you should. That’s exactly what vacations are for. Still, I always pack a skipping rope into my suitcase and some healthy bars for the journey. For me, relaxation means activity. That is me at my best. Read more.

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The Céline Trio Bag


The Céline Trio bag has been in my head for a long time now, a very long time, and showed no sign of leaving. I was on the Bijenkorf waiting list for this little jewel, and expected it to take months to arrive. That’s what I thought anyway, that you’d be on the waiting list for months, secretly forget and then be overjoyed when they finally called and announced it’s arrival. In actual fact, I didn’t even have to wait a week. Issey, our designer was at the Bijenkorf coincidentally and called me up hysterically. The Céline was there. That was fast. Read more.


Let’s reflect on a wonderful Amsterdam FashionWeek. So many beautiful, cute and inspiring looks. For example: Niki Seelen. Friends with Anne-Marleen, who was our ‘Look of the Day’ yesterday. They interned together at Marlies Dekkers and remained friends afterwards. Read more.

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Sophia Tienstra, founder of, 101 Media Strategies and the owner of a luscious bush of hair that makes you incredibly jealous. She is a health fanatic, regularly shares recipes, healthy inspiration and work-out tips on her site, but can also be found on the dance floor with a vodka in hand. Sophia, tell us how you do it, how do you look so beautiful with such stunning hair, skin and body? Everything actually. Read more.