Be warned, INSTAGRAM fraudulence!


I already got so excited yesterday. Zara, my favourite store, opened an Instagram accont and the first 15,000 people that liked the page would receive a shopping voucher of €300,-. And the counter was still at 82 likes so I thought, here’s my chance! Read more.

it's great to fold

Le Pliage, you probably know it. The endlessly handy bag that you can wear big and small. My theory is that there’s always a Pliage near when you’re at a busy square. This bag is a classic bestseller which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. Read more.



Such a great trend for the sloppier ones amongst us who tend to miss an earring. A statement piece is all you need. Obviously, don’t choose a small stud. Think big. A feather, a big pearl on the front and back of your earlobe. Think creative. And if you meet someone who doesn’t quite get it. Well, they just don’t get it. Read more.

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waiting on WALDORF


If it’s your first time, do it well. Purchasing a designer bag, your first make out session, a flight in a PJ, and also going to New York should be done in style. Read more.


Dirty, naughty Terry

It doesn’t get more classic than this. Not the prettiest of them all, this man transformed himself to a photographer. A flashing life, good salary, jet set life, and also nice, you can score all the girls that ignored you during secondary school. Better even, girls that could’ve been your daughter or granddaughter are now suddenly also an option. Read more.

instagram daily


We’ve gathered some great pics from Instagram for you. Enjoy a sneak peek inside these celebs’ lives Read more.

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It may sound rather cliché, but I’ve got quite a good life. An amazingly fun job, which sometimes brings business and stress into my life, long evenings with girlfriends and wine, and my significant other needs some attention too, of course. Okay, I don’t want to nag, but sometimes, I’m so busy that I look rather pale and tired even though the day just started. Read more.


Meet Sharon van Looyen, director of sales & marketing at Gamila Secret. You know, they’ve got those amazing cleansing bars (sometimes I say soap, but I’ll quickly get a slap on the wrists) which only contain natural ingredients. And if you know that she’s cleansing her face daily with that product, you’ll probably want to do so too. Holy moly, such a beautiful skin. And eyes, by the way. Read more.

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Daily May

break it

Babor. To be honest, I still knew the brand from the 80s as skincare a more skilful beautician would use. Babor consultant, you’d be called. Last week, the label ended up again on my desk. Hip again and still as strong, I was told. Read more.


With the super deluxe Waldorf Astoria on the Herengracht 542 which opens on 1 May, Amsterdam’s going to gain a top hotel. You’d think it’s a guaranteed success with Jonnie and Therese Boer van de Libreije responsible for the restaurant, and Jan Taminiau for the staff’s outfits. Read more.


Met haar 22 jaren is Manon de Boer de jongste celebrity-stylist van het land. Ze kleedt Anouk Smulders en Glennis Grace, doet natuurlijk ook editorial werk en is in te huren voor het betere personal shop-werk. Read more.


Right, also had such a delicious easter brunch? Perhaps you’re at breakfast number two already, and binging on the leftover easter bread and filled eggs. Sounds delicious. I’m starting with living healthily again and start the day with a shake. A very yellow one. It’s still easter after all. Read more.

So happy


Sometimes, a perfume’s comforting. The fragrance of 4711 takes you to ironed handkerchiefs from your granny. 4711 now comes in a new jacket and has been a bit squeezed. Although, Read more.


I’m so much looking forward to Easter. We celebrate it elaborately. A brunch table filled with, trumpets please, candles burning, gran’s cutting grapefruit parts, mum’s creating a lamb from butter, ties a red bow around its neck. Lovely, I simply can’t wait.
Every year it’s a surprise what we’re eating. My mother’s cooking equals a chef’s so I never worry. Last year we ate asparagus with salmon and egg. Mum, if you’re reading this: that sounds perfect for this Easter.  Read more.


Such great outfits this week. Enjoy again! Read more.

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We’re done with week four which means we’ve been doing it for an entire month. One month, it sounds way longer than four weeks. Now let me begin with a confession, for someone who’s been working out rather excessively for a month and hardly eats things like bread and pasta, I sadly see little results. This week, I thought for the first time, hmm I think there’s a little bit less on my hips, but I’m still not really happy. Read more.


Mellow yellow are the words these days. Which is why we scoured New York, Milan, Paris, and Milan for the best looks with a touch of yellow. Read more.

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Cara Delevingne

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The incredible Cara Delevingne is pretty and has character. Cara isn’t the type of girl that keeps to the rules. She likes to make her own rules and the best part is that everyone accepts it. Read more.

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I don’t even know what an animal should do with Easter. It varies greatly what I’m going to do. Sometimes, I pretend do be a real writer when I’m outside. I’ll look at the pavement, get my notebook out really slowly, and pretend to write something down. At other times I just lie on the sofa, playing dead for six hours, with a pot of roasted meat on my belly. Read more.


With a born feeling for styling, one of the prettiest silhouettes of the country, and a top stylist as sister (Jetteke van Lexmond is one of the most devoted and creative stylists I know), Lieke always manages to look flawless. Read more.