I’ve spent the last year asking the most wonderful and inspiring people to bare all and share their daily beauty rituals with me, but now I’m getting asked about my own beauty tips and tricks more and more often. So here it is. By popular demand.

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Amayzine has something to celebrate!

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We invited a small group of people over yesterday to celebrate our new office with us. We have a new Amayzine.com space to work in and we’re so happy with it and so proud that wine was needed. But that was not all we had to celebrate. Read more.

-Shopping Van den Assem shoes-



Flat is the word of the season. And that’s wonderful because we can finally give our weary feet a rest from our 12 centimetre Louboutins. Fashion before comfort was the motto, but we get to combine them this fall/winter. With a lovely leopard print to keep it modern and feminine and yes, extremely comfortable. Read more.

Grandiôse Mascara by Lancôme


A few weeks back a bunch of red flowers were delivered to the office. I got a tiny bit nervous, because you never know if it’s from a secret admirer or not. The sender: Lancôme. I gave the roses to Liesbeth and kept the mascara for myself. Read more.


We had a little drinks evening to celebrate our new office yesterday. Don’t be jealous if you weren’t invited, it was just a little warm up session for The Party at the end of October, when we announce the winners of Holland’s Next Top Model on our cover. Read more.

Daily-May-Marc-Coblen-voor-Pink-Ribbon daily-may-header-varia

Daily May

In one week it’s October. That means that the clocks change to Winter-time (25 Oct, so starting preparing), but it also means that breast cancer month starts. 1 in 8 women get it, but all of us are touched by it. Read more.


From New York to London to Milan, we’re ready. Check out the celebs that were spotted in Milan for Fashion Week! Read more.

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Early Tuesday morning. Anouk, Dirk and I had arrived in New York the evening before. Sitting in the taxi, we agree that anytime someone sings New York from Alicia Keys, they have to put a dollar in the pot. I can tell you now, it’s adding up because when you’re in New York that song just springs to mind. Read more.


The shows in London, Milan and New York are guiding us. The look is basic, natural, healthy and glowing. As if you just stepped outside without doing a thing. Not true of course, a little concealer and foundation here and there to hide those blemishes are required, but that’s it. Flawless. Read more.


This evening we’re going to New York. To Midtown and Redhook Brooklyn for the elimination. A reliable source (myself) told me that Anouk Smulders had had quite a few drinks the night before. In good company. With me that is. Read more.

Daily-May-Mascara-Helena-Rubinstein daily-may-header-nagellak

Daily May


Today the champagne is being uncorked, because we’re celebrating the launch of our new fall magazine and our new office. An appropriate look is called for. Read more.


Curious about the ins and outs of a fashion editorial office? May-Britt takes you with her through the life of an editor-in-chief, with seldom a boring moment. Read more.

Happy & Healthy Sunday


I enjoy drinks and snacks on a Sunday the most. Maybe because everyone needs to go back to work the next day so we all enjoy our last few free hours that extra bit. Dried sausage, cheese biscuits or a crostini with ham and truffle mayo (one of my favourites) are all heavenly but not so good for the figure. On the other hand: merely nibbling on a crudité seems so boring. Read more.

Kendall Jenner gets bullied


Having a famous last name is not always beneficial, even though it may seem so at first. Super handy, all those connections from parents or famous sisters. On the other hand you need to prove yourself three times as hard if you want to make something of yourself and not just tag along on the name of your family. Read more.


Have you been following the fashion weeks? We have, and here are a few fashion photos from London Fashion Week! Enjoy! Read more.

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I spotted Marloes de Jong this week during the filming of Hollands Next Top-model, that took place in our office. Marloes is editor at Harper’s Bazaar and freelance stylist. Read more.


Do you have lovely, party summer evening planned for the near future? You have to take a peek at this hair-look. Read more.