How do you end a day like today? Sharing a glass of wine with your loved ones? Alone, early to bed? On a terrace with friends? We have no idea, and cannot imagine what the nearest and dearest must be going through or feeling. We can only hope that the return of their loved ones, despite how long it took, will bring a little peace. We watched the ceremony with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes. So dignified, so respectful, so impressive. It feels weird to go about your day as normal, and even though we’ll keep filling the site with cheerful posts, our heads are somewhere else.

We still don’t have the words to say how we feel. Don’t know what to say, or how to express it. We’ve decided to close the day with music, with the song Home. Because that was the first forty, back where they belong. The rest will follow soon…

Much love and strength to everyone.

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Carolien takes us on another journey through her week, where she too has taken a moment to reflect on the terrible news. Read more.

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A moment of silence

We’ll all be showing our respect for the victims of the air disaster with a moment of silence at 4pm. Katy Perry and Unicef have put together a special clip to the song Unconditionally. The video was supposed to be launched at the International Aids Conference in Australia, but many of the passengers on the Malaysian air flight were on there way there when this happened. So Katy Perry decided to dedicate this video to the innocent victims instead. A beautiful gesture.

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Sophisticated Summer


It may be a sweltering hot summer’s day today, but there is nothing to celebrate. It’s a crazy day, at least that’s how we are experiencing it here at the editorial office. And therefore a suitable outfit. Sophisticated summer. A high collar, black bag and fresh crisp perfume. Read more.

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We’ve been struggling with it since Thursday. Amayzine is mostly about things that make life better, but it’s felt a little strange the last few days. We don’t want to totally stop with the good stuff either. But today is going to be different. Today we’re mourning, and we empathise with our country.

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Today is the day. The bodies are coming home, to their loved ones. To those that need to move forward. Living with this loss. How do people do it? Sometimes words can give comfort. I looked to W.H. Auden. Just as in Four Weddings and a Funeral. In my opinion one of the best film moments and the most beautiful poem of mourning ever. Read more.


Ladies, meet Thomas Bongers. This busy man works at Denham, is studying psychology at the University of Utrecht and is also a DJ. Clearly doesn’t mind a tattoo, he’s got eight. Just because he likes them. Read more.

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Daily May

Oil drops

I always have a bottle of Moroccan Oil standing on my desk. It gives you extremely shiny, smooth hair. It’s obvious that I love it. I was given a spa-treatment earlier this week, of which I’ll tell you everything later… Read more.


I follow Anouk Bos on her website creatorsofdesire and on Instagram. Her outfits are enough to make one green with jealousy (not to mention her hair!) but they also inspire hugely. Simple, cool, sexy, feminine, sneakers, Chanel espadrilles, high heels, boy-bag, ripped jeans, leather, white blouse. Shall I go on? I think everything is cool.

Are you going to London soon? Print this edition of ‘My little black book’ out and take it with you. Anouk lives there and she knows all the to-be places. Trust me, you’ll want to go out and book a ticket immediately. Read more.


White Blazer

The height of summer equals maxi dresses or bare legs and short skirts. Only, business meetings demand a more appropriate and covered look. The solution, a white blazer. Looks summery and decent at the same time. Nonchalantly draped over the shoulder or with a pair of boyfriend-jeans with a few tears. Both really nice. Read more.


I can literally spend hours looking at online recipes. I print them out, pop them in a book and then test them out in my kitchen. I have quite a few waiting to try, because I am being flooded with great (healthy) food-blogs. For example: Sarah Britton from My New Roots taught me how to make my own nut-milk. Saves a ton of money, because it’s super expensive in the shops and you can only keep it for a few days. Read more.

Summer Chic


Yay! It’s summer. Now we know that you probably leave wearing your summer dresses till the evening or weekend, and go to work chic without showing too much skin. That’s why this look is chic and summery. Oh and madly impressive of course. If only because of the CHANEL. Read more.

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Sneakers vs Heels


Guys, something strange is going on. I used to be a die hard Jehovah-witness evangelist that preached about wearing heels, now I’m finding myself more and more often with flats on my feet. It all began last winter while I was in Vietnam. Read more.



Black make-up has always been hip-per-de-pip. For example, the winged eyeliner trending look that I wrote about last week. But let’s mix it up a little. White make-up is also quite popular. Sounds a little spooky, but like Casper, it’s quite friendly. Read more.


A trip through the PC Hoofstraat in Amsterdam never hurts. I don’t even need to buy, I’m content with a bit of window shopping. This time I took my camera with me in case I stumbled across a Look of the Day. And then there she was. Read more.


Fashion Week, filming, launches and a new home. This all in a chock-a-block week with Carolien. She never sits still. Come along and see. Read more.

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What’s the buzz about?

A new bee in town


It happened again. I was in NoHo, New York for a few days when it happened for the first time, then later on Park Avenue and again in Tribecca. Me on my bike, she walking behind a Bugaboo Bee. I felt pride for my Dutch roots, much more than when Afrojack, our tolerant drug laws or Van Persie’s goal are mentioned. Read more.