A Kinda cool Instagram account


Everyday millions of bloggers around the world doe their darndest to inspire you to give them a like. With their beautiful still-life food pictures, new outfits and meetings with celebrities. To give them some credit: there are lots of pretty great pictures out there. But when we came across this account we were absolutely flabbergasted. Read more.

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the prettier, the smarter


I remember enjoying the fact that the prettiest girl is my class was also the stupidest. If anyone said anything about her silky thick hair or gorgeous smooth skin I would bring out the anecdotes. Read more.


You know you look great if Jet van Nieuwkerk asks you for the look of the day. It’s the same recipe for everyone who visits or works at our office, and goes for me too, if she doesn’t take notice of you immediately you’re probably wearing Read more.

tips on how to get through a very stressful day


Sound familiar? You wake up and just one second before you step out of bed it hits you; it’s going to be a very busy day. Your agenda is too full, your to-do list too long and you want to tuck in early tonight because you’ve been tired for days on end. This would be a good moment to take a couple of very deep breaths, or you’ll totally lose your mind. Read more.


This is Tess. We know each other from Instagram on which we have an enthusiastic liking relationship for each others pics. It was time to ask her for a lookie , simply because she always looks so nice. Tess is a freelance fashion journalist with her own site: tested.com. Here you can read about everything women like: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and kids (well things I like anyway). Read more.

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7 things you didn't know about pretty woman


This week, 25 years ago, one of the most charming romcoms of all time made it’s debut in the cinemas. Now that Pretty Woman is celebrating her anniversary there’s all the more reason to take a look back at this dream of a film, that you must have seen at least 30 times during your lifetime. Read more.

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one-day vacation


You’ve been a tad greedy on Net-a-porter.com or you just sold you vacation days to your employer because of an important investment (a new bag), but you have this sudden urge for a vacation. Then I have a solution. A one-day vacation. Sometimes it’s all you need to chill-out and get all that clutter out of your head. Here’s how it works. Read more.


Check this out, I want these. Flared jeans. I have been wanting them for some time but now they’re hip and I really want them. Yep, simple, that’s me. Only, there’s a problem, it’s all not quite as easy as I thought…… Read more.

the pros and cons of being tall


I’m 1.83 centimeters tall. I used to hate this when I was younger as I always got into a fight at some concert after being accused of blocking someone’s view, being the size of a tree and all. All my boyfriends were short a head but on the upside I did get into an adult Disco once. At that time Zara had a lot of extra long jeans, perfect, because now everything is short, short, short. Read more.

7 Lies they tell you about PARIS


Paris is my all-time favorite city. Of all the places in the world I visit Paris the most. I’m already looking forward to nestling myself at a tiny terrace table on the L’Avenue coming May. But I have got to get something off my chest. There are some rumors about Paris that just aren’t true. Read more.



Curious if that  Kim Kardashian lob will work for you? Or have you always dreamed of the ultra-blonde pixie cut à la Michelle Williams? It’s a big step to grant your hairdresser permission to take to the scissors or get out the bleach. American InStyle has an app that will save the day.  Read more.

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Spring is peeping around the corner but it’s certainly not Summer yet. That’s why this Denham the Jeanmaker sweater that I picked up at Joe & Brown(I most certainly recommend this store) is perfect. Read more.

ELLE MACPHERSON defrosts her eggs


The designer stork is working overtime as another super model baby is on the way. According to the Australian media, Elle “The Body” Macpherson is expecting a child. The 51-year-old blonde is not pregnant herself. She and her husband, Jeffery Soffer, are said to have found a surrogate mother to carry their baby. Read more.

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Undoubtedly, waking up in fresh crispy hotel with a do-not-disturb sign hanging on the door while enjoying your room-service brought breakfast is first-rate enjoyment. Read more.

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This is Manon, you probably know her because you’ve already seen her here with us before. Why? Well, she’s so intensely fun to be around and because she always whispers a few new labels into our ear. She’s a stylist and always has her antenna’s out. Read more.

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Daily May

Tip from Ilham

I was a little confused last week after cutting my hair into a fringe. Not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that my morning hair ritual changed completely and it deserved some attention. Read more.

#twizzler challenge


Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Yes it’s a rhetorical question because you must have been out hiking with the Masaï in an unknown part of the world IF this Internet hype has somehow passed you by. All of us were somewhat relieved when the whole show with those buckets of water was over. But it’s been a year now and time for a new challenge. This time Twizzler, those twisted red licorice, play a leading role. Read more.

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This is why cats make you happy and healthy


Look, this is something I can work with. The Huffington Post published an article this week listing why owning a cat is scientifically proven to be good for your health. I’ve always known this of course but it’s nice to have the support of science. So for everyone who’s obsessed by cats, here are 11 reasons you should never to change. Read more.