Good gifts to give at a housewarming


I threw a dinner party at the end of August to christen my new home. I had no desire to wake up to a stinky dirty house the next day, filled with empty beer bottles, cigarette butts floating in glasses of wine or that my freshly varnished, white wooden floor no longer be white. So I decided to move the party outside to my garden. Read more.


- Le Vernis Chanel -


At Amayzine HQ we always start the day with a polish. Not only on Mondays either, no everyday is a new what-colour-to-wear dilemma. We have quite a few favourites too. Those are mostly the CHANEL bottles. This week we’ve decided to name Le Vernis de Chanel a Style Icon. Read more.


I met Herieth Paul, in the middle of a zebra crossing, while running to an appointment on Place Vendôme. Herieth is a model that I have often seen at New York Fashion Week. As you can see, we have the same bag and that creates a bond. Read more.



Tuesday morning as the clock struck ten, hordes of fashion people dressed mostly in black and with Chanel-bags hanging off their shoulders, move towards the Grand Palais. It is rented by Karl Lagerfeld four times per year to show off his new Chanel-wears to the people. Read more.

Shopping Tuesday

-Inspired by Carine Roitfeld-


As previous editor-in-chief of French Vogue and the present day Fashion Director of Harper’s Bazaar, Carine Roitfeld knows better than anyone how to dress and how to stand out. We would be happy with just 10% of her wardrobe. She also possesses that special French gene-mix, so us mere mortals will never be able to do what she can, but let’s at least give it a shot with this shopping list in Carine’s style. Read more.

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Smart Custom Repair Serum from Clinique


I got my hands on the new Clinique serum a while ago. I’m a big fan of Clinique products, especially their three step plan and mascaras, so when they sent me a serum with my name engraved on it, I was completely sold. It’s so special. But then again with a name like Custom Repair Serum, it can only be special. Read more.


Ear Candy, so cute right? Fashionistas are having piercings left, right and centre! Read more.

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Daily May

Rolls Royce 2.0

I attended a beauty event from Mooi PR last week, and Tessa one of the cute PR-girls looked simply amazing. Her hair was shining like never before. So chic and stylish. When I asked what her secret was she showed me her brush. Read more.


Everyone suffers from a dip now and then. Especially those unexplainable ones. Sometimes you think ‘a new day’ is the only and best solution but here are some tips to help you get over it sooner. Read more.



Maartje Verhoef, one of the top models at Micha Models has been modelling for around a year. She blogged for about her adventures during her shoots and so feels a little bit ours. Both her parents and her agent put achieving her high school diploma at top priority. Only then could she fully focus on the world of modelling. How she managed is a riddle to me. Some days she landed at Schiphol on a Monday morning after a four-day shoot, went straight to school and still achieved high marks. Read more.


Anouk and I spent the day, just as yesterday on city-bikes. You can take the girls out of Holland, but you can’t take Holland out of the girls in the end. It’s so easy to rent a bike. Stick your credit card in the slot, make up a post code (I think 90210 is a fabulous choice) and off you go. On your bike through Greenwich. It’s a wonderful thing. Read more.

The wealthiest fashion designers


I spend at least 1 of the 7 days in each week concocting plans to become stinking rich. I don’t mean a little money to be comfortable with, no, I mean stinking rich. So that I could easily buy all the shoes at Harrod’s Shoe Heaven, or buy lots more Proenza’s in different colours, oh and add on a Céline and a Gucci. That would be so wonderful. Read more.

Strike a pose


Everything is trend sensitive. Fashion of course, food (if you order nachos and guacamole you feel like such a dork right? And mint tea seems to be so over too), but also the types of poses that fashion people use in the FROW change per fashion week. Read more.


What you don’t see in this photo, is that it was almost 40 degrees during the filming of this episode of Holland’s Next Top Model. Celsius that is, not Fahrenheit. It was so hot that I remember asking someone to wipe away the sweat droplets from my legs during the shoot. Read more.


I’ve spent the last year asking the most wonderful and inspiring people to bare all and share their daily beauty rituals with me, but now I’m getting asked about my own beauty tips and tricks more and more often. So here it is. By popular demand.

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