Look at them go: the green, pink and orange. Being carried around by hasty New Yorkers in tight fitting sporty outfits. Juices. One is cold pressed, the other with extra chai and coconut water or just ordain blender muck. Whatever it is, juices are part of street culture. Most definitely on Sunday morning. One would think it’s the national day of sports. Read more.



Don’t ask me why but at our weekly editorial meeting we ended up on the subject of people and their fetishes. There quite a few people out there that have strange preferences between the sheets. Squeals of laughter filled the room. That was my cue; this was feed for my Sexy Friday. May I introduce four bizarre fetishes. Every man (or woman) to his taste. Read more.


Platforms. There not for everybody. But for the shorter women among us it’s a great way to grow a few inches without the pain of towering heels. Stella McCartney’s platform shoes are our current favorite. Will you be adding inches with platforms this season? Read more.

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Last week an exciting package was delivered. It contained a slow juicer from Philips. Which had me (just me) do a little dance of joy on my desk. I already can’t live without it. Why I don’t have one in my own kitchen beats me, but the office is fine because as of now I am ‘Chief of Juices’ at Amayzine. I always did do the necessary amount of noisy blending, but no more. This new buddy of mine can soundlessly juice the juiciest juices. Read more.


The Texan tuxedo is still very hip this spring. When I first set my eyes on it I thought: mmmm. But after bringing together denim pants with a denim top numerous times I’m over the denim threshold. Read more.

I'm going on a mini trip and i'm bringing...


Delightful those weekends away. It costs next to nothing to get you to Ibiza or Milan and even less if you manage to stuff your entire wardrobe and cosmetics drawer into your miniscule hand luggage. If that bag doesn’t happen to fit into one of those silly measuring racks you have to check in and your trip will be more expensive. So especially for you, the best space saving items in a row. Read more.


Stripes, stripes, stripes ask anyone on our team of editors how many striped sweaters, shirts, skirts and shorts she has in her closet and the number will be around twenty. I’m guessing the same is true for these vippies… Read more.

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5 reasons why buying a designer piece is so satisfying


My friend M’s ultimate dream? A phone call from her father saying: “ Honey don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. From now on you have an unlimited account on Net-A-Porter.” This will remain a dream for my friend, for me, for all of us probably. Of course we shop during sale (sorry) at H&M and Zara, but ooh, the kick you get out of buying a designer piece…. Read more.


Hel-lo Lola! This British babe and since recently Fashion Merchandising student in New York definitely belongs to the category ‘too cool for school’. I met Lola at Topshop (very easy to make friends here) and was immediately intrigued by her super sparkling and authentic style. Read more.

Style Icon

– Sunshine in a box  –


I have always embraced powdered noses. I don’t mean hiding behind layers of foundation so you look like a makeup doll, just some added color. Nobody gets any happier looking at pale people and a ray of sunshine has never hurt anyone. Read more.

likable flats


The ratio flats versus heels in my wardrobe are about 5 to 95 (percentage), the main reason for my love of heels is that my feet look smaller. With my size 41 I stand my ground (I do have length, thank god), but it goes without charm, sailboat feet. Read more.

Trend of Beauty

bright blue


Winter trend becomes summer trend: bright blue eyeliner, eye shadow or eye pencil. They sure turn my brown eyes blue, but in a good way. Chiara Ferragni, and, rising star, Lupita Nyong’o know what I’m talking about, seen everywhere at the latest Fashion Weeks. Read more.

WhAT can WE learn from the swedish?

Do the fika


One of my best friends is Swedish. I have never ben able to catch her stressed, though we only ever see each other during the holidays (and there was that sabbatical year in Rome we spent together).

Maybe they’r so at peace because Sweden is so spacious and green but there is another thing that keeps them relaxed, the Fika. Read more.


If anyone can be called stylish it’s Lizzy. She regularly posts envious making outfits on her blog and Instagram. She does this so well, brands are lining up for her to wear their clothes. Lizzy, are you reading this? If you ever decide to get rid of anything….. Read more.


Some people I always welcome with opens arms. Even if I just got back from a trip and my to-do list has hit a record 47 to-dos.

Okke Wiarda is one of those people, an old friend with a nose for fun people. Read more.



Since this week Monday-night is the best night of the week again. Game of Thrones is back with its fifth season filled with thrilling bloody adventures in Westeros. A relief for those who have been smoldering for wolves, dragons an Michiel Huisman’s bottom all winter. Read more.

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